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Lead has been used in construction for centuries and is still commonly found in roofing in the UK today. Lead is malleable and easily manipulated, and as such is an excellent material for window hoods, weathering and flashing. It can be worked on-site to fit the contours of any roof.

One important advantage of lead is its resistance to industrial atmospheres. Lead can protect against sulphuric acid (acid rain) and is ideal for city-based buildings  that have to deal with high levels of pollutants.

Lead can be blended into alloys to allow for thinner material without losing any of its good advantages.

One of the more green options!
Lead has been proven to be one of the greenest building materials available. In most standard lead roofing and vertical cladding installations, lead has a rating of A or A+, has a significantly lower carbon footprint than comparable external wall and roofing specifications, and its Ecopoints – the degree to which a material impacts on the environmental performance of a building – measure very favourably.


  • More durable
  • More carbon friendly
  • More economical