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Asphalt has been used for many years and is still the leading product for many projects. It offers a durable, seamless smooth surface that is perfect for a wide range of applications, including roofs, flooring, underground tanking and car parks.

Mastic Asphalt consists of carefully selected limestone aggregates which are bound together with asphaltic cement to produce a dense material which cannot be compacted, and is spread by a hand float, rather than being rolled out. It also contains highly advanced polymer formulations which in the last 5 years resulted in UK Mastic asphalt becoming the first industry in the world to achieve the Carbon Zero standard.

20 year insurance backed guarantee available.

Fraden Contracts are a Permanite Approved Contractor



  • Hard wearing and durable.
  • Installed by highly experienced tradesmen.
  • No risk of puncture.
  • Easily repaired
  • Will last for decades.