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Pitched roofs are popular in the UK due to the country’s climate. Rainfall clears much faster, and more safely, from pitched roofs than flat ones.

Pitched roofs can have varying angles, generally between 30 and 45 degrees for houses. The exact angle depends on various criteria, such as how much loft space is required and the purpose of the loft space (a higher angle gives more headspace if the loft is planned as living space).

Pitched roofs on extensions and garages are often set at a lower angle, around 22 degrees, so the roof does not interfere with the first floor windows. This low angle requires larger interlocking tiles to ensure waterproofing.

Braden Contracts Ltd are highly experienced in constructing pitched roofs and can advise on the various angles and types of roofing tile available. We are also a Traditional Slating and Tiling Specialist.


  • Reduced risk of leaks
  • Cost effective